Washing Instructions

We recommend that you wash your diapers every other day whenever possible. You obviously don’t want to be doing diaper laundry every single day so every other day works well for most families. Regular washing will help to keep odors under control and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Remove solids. You may want to consider using a diaper sprayer to aid in removing solids. Soiled diapers should be stored in a dry diaper pail for no more than 3 days. Using a wet pail is not recommended because soaking diapers for more than a few hours can actually result in stains to set in. Also, the liquid inside a wet pail poses a drowning risk to young children.

Diapers should be washed in a load separate from your other laundry. Avoid overloading your washing machine to ensure proper cleaning and protection of fabrics. Use a detergent that is free of fragrances, enzymes and other additives. Avoid fabric softeners that can make cloth diapers less absorbent and irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Start with a cold rinse without detergent. Then follow with a regular hot wash with cloth diaper friendly detergent. Follow with a separate rinse cycle to ensure that all diapers are rinsed well. The rinse water should be completely suds free by the end of this cycle.

When you remove the diapers from your washing machine they should smell fresh and clean. If they still have an odor then it may mean that the diapers contain lingering bacteria and should be washed again.

Diapers may be tumble dried on low temperature. Line drying your diapers is also an inexpensive, environmentally friendly option but keep in mind that sun can bleach out colors in diaper prints or cotton velour. If your diapers are made of white fabrics the sun is an excellent way to remove stains! After your diaper comes out of the wash, lay your freshly washed and wet diaper, stain side up, in the sun to dry and the most stains will just vanish during drying (not recommended for colored fabrics).